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 The Rules :D

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The Rules :D Empty
PostSubject: The Rules :D   The Rules :D Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2008 12:19 pm

1. Anything off-topic of the subject is spam. Meaning if someone posts a thread about sports and you start about your cat, it's off-topic and considered spam. So that'll be deleted

2. If the members find a topic of interest/idea within a thread that this new idea does not relate to, make a new thread about it. This will organize the forum more and allow other members to keep on topic.

3. Double-posting isn't tolerated. If the member accidentally posts the same thing, it will be deleted

4. The edit feature is there, use it to stop double-posting and/or spam.

5. No flaming, you are allowed your opinion without bashing it.

6. No fighting. This includes name-calling, harrassement, fighting over a personal matter, and arguing over things that aren't a debate, like a speculation/theory/idea. If you're asked to break it up, and you do so, you won't get in trouble. If you continue, you may be banned for a few days

7. No sexual content beyond hugging and kissing. Girls wearing bikinis is fine, as long as it covers most of what needs to be covered. But excessive showing of parts isn't allowed. This includes: Graphics, posts, pictures, videos, fanfiction and drawing. Rape the Member will be deleted and the poster banned. That's the one thing I don't tolerate.

8. No illegal activity
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The Rules :D
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